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We offer a free timeshare registration service to all of our timeshare resale customers.


Beware of timeshare resale companies who ask for an excessive registration fee and promise to sell your timeshare at an overvalued price. There is another timeshare resale company that says the timeshare seller can register their timeshare free of charge but charge the seller a huge amount saying it is the resort transfer fee even though in most cases the timeshare resort transfer is less than the fee they are charging.


Whatever the cost of the timeshare resort transfer fee we build it into the advertised price so the potential timeshare buyer knows exactly what they are paying.


Timeshare, like most other things in life, can cease to be as useful or enjoyable as it once was. The good thing about timeshare, as opposed to other types of holidays, is that when you decide to sell it, you can at least re-coup some of your initial outlay.


Our Advertising Option Packages
We believe you should be able to choose how your timeshare is advertised and our Advertising Option Packages provides you with a great choice which you can upgrade at any time. However you choose to sell your timeshare week you should bear in mind the fact that any potential sale is dependant on your selling agent finding someone suitable for your week. This can happen very quickly but in some cases can take longer than a year. Our advertising option packages can be viewed by clicking here...


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American Weeks

If you are currently an owner of American timeshare and are looking to dispose of your week, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss ways in which we can help you. We can be contacted either by email at enquiries@aberfoyleholiday.com or by phone on +44 1787 888115